A homeowner can easily enhance and dramatically change the appearance of their home and landscape through effective use of outdoor lighting.

With an effective and well thought out lighting design, you can easily accomplish these three lighting objectives.

Curb Appeal: At night your home becomes dark and invisible. By adding outdoor lighting to your home, landscaping, and walkways, you will be able enjoy your home at night and show off all your efforts you have put into your property. Your neighbors, friends, and family will definitely take notice.

Security: Unwanted guest such as criminals, thieves and vandals will have no interest in approaching a property which is well lit with accent lighting and motion sensitive security lights. Having a well lit residence will reduce unwanted activities on your property

Safety: Neighbors, friends, and guests are exposed to risk while enjoying your hospitality. Nothing is more gratifying than hosting an excellent party. Your job as a host is to ensure their enjoyment as well as safety. Illuminated steps, landscaping, and pathways will help to ensure visibility and sure footing. Ensuring all has a great time.

Aquatec has been installing outdoor lighting since 1999. So if you are interested in adding outdoor lighting to your home, give Aquatec a call today for a no obligation consultation. We only use the highest quality product and workmanship. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.