Adding water features such as koi ponds, water falls, and fountains can dramatically enhance the serenity of one’s backyard or landscaping. These features, if professionally done, can usually be worked into your existing landscaping, and can be maintained with little cost or effort.

Our professionals will meet you at your home, provide you with different design options and examples, and discuss which features would best fit your needs. We then survey your property and existing landscaping, and design a system which will beautify your back yard and meet your budget.

Things to think about:
What type of water feature works best with your current landscaping?

For Example:

Ponds: In areas or landscapes where differences in elevation are not obvious, koi ponds or ponds with one or two tier water falls work well and look very natural. It’s important to have your water features look natural in their surroundings.

Waterfalls and streams: If your yard has varying elevations, water flowing down a series of steps matching the contour of the landscape creates a gentle waterfall look and is extremely beautiful.

Fountains and Water Features: These are excellent focal points. They are more like works of art with a wide variety of designs and sizes available. Fountains can be placed almost anywhere.

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